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The 'Relative' keyboard snap feature allows a quick and easy way to specify co-ordinate positions relative to existing geometry.

To use this feature simply position the cursor over an available snap point and hit the R key key. This activates the X, Y input with that point set as the new relative point. At this stage the f8 key shortcut key or the XY button and buttons polar button can be used to toggle between X, Y and Polar input.

The dynamic dimensions can now be used to assist positioning of the next point. Alternatively hit any of the keyboard arrow keys to force Arrow Key Input and specify a distance from the selected point. If you want to change the relative point simply hit the r key

key or select the Snap button snap mode button (or hit f7 ) and repeat the above procedure over the required point.


This example shows how to draw a line where the first point is a set distance from an existing point. We need to draw a line 10mm in X and zero in Y from the top right hand corner of the rectangle.

The picture sequence below explains the procedure.

relative example 1

relative example 2

Note: In earlier versions of Draft it this feature was activated by holding down the control key key for one second over the snap point. As the cursor is moved away the control key key can be released. This method still operates however the r key key method is easier to use.