Many millions of CAD software programs are in use daily all around the world. Over the years our team at Cadlogic have successfully provided customers with complete design systems as well as add on systems for the likes of AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT.

Out of the box CAD software provides users with speedier production of drawings, standardisation of presentation and easy modification possibilities when changes are required. For many these benefits are sufficient, however a bespoke design solution can provide untold advantages to not only the design environment but in numerous other areas.

Over the years we have developed design systems for our customers which have provided significant benefits and, in many cases, revolutionised the business operation. Our substantial experience creating these systems has benefited companies around the world.

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Our latest stand-alone system is called Draft it. This is a 2D CAD program suitable for all users, in the office or at home. You can create, print and save your own drawings and designs. There are four different versions of Draft it available from the fully featured, free for life version through to a professional Architectural version with many time saving features.

The free version of Draft it can be downloaded and used indefinitely with no registration or advertisements. It also provides the option for any of the three purchasable versions to be used for the first 15 days, ample time to assess which version is the right fit for you.

We also have a great solution for Architects and Building Designers. AEC Easy Block is a parametric 2D or 3D block generator. It can create any size variant of a symbol from the available categories. These can be inserted into our own system or any other design system that can import DWG or DXF format files. The trial version allows the full content of each category to be explored so the extent of the library can be assessed. A sample symbol from each of these categories can be selected to test out the operation and ease of use.

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