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Precision and efficiency are paramount in product design operations. With Cadlogic’s bespoke CAD software, you can introduce automated input/output processes for enhanced design efficiency and streamlined sales and production.

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Bespoke Product Design Software

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Interactive customer-facing tools, internal design tools

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Desktop or Web (i.e. browser-based) UI solutions

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Link to existing business tools, processes, or production systems

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Is your design, quoting and order process missing a digital element?

Concerned about potential errors during the hand off between design and production?

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Envision a solution specifically designed for your product design workflow. At Cadlogic, we reshape your product design life-cycle. Meticulously tailored with specialised tool sets, our in-house CAD software accelerates your workflow and ensures accuracy in every product. Our software empowers you to create a more agile approach with product design solutions can assist in designing your next product line.

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What Bespoke CAD Software Can Do For You

Reduce operational costs

Manage your entire product lifecycle, streamline processes, and ensure compliance from design to production.

Automate tools

Craft a CAD system for your business. Eliminate repetitive tasks with automation, save time and focus on creativity.

Effortless Orders

Eliminate manual processes that slow down sales and frustrate customers.

Connect teams and data

Improve collaboration with real-time feedback and easy order visibility for faster processes.

Get Expert Guidance

Maximise your CAD's value and receive dedicated guidance every step of the way.

(Manage every stage of the process, from initial design to final result.)

Connect Teams, Data and Workflow

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Streamlined & Centralised System:

Develop a centralised system tailored to your products, materials, and workflow processes. Incorporate automated error-checking and design rules to minimise errors.

Enhanced Design Efficiency:

Reduce design development time and complexity with tailored tools that facilitate specific design standards. Engage multiple stakeholders in collaboration and decision-making to meet requirements.

Automated Output Processes

Automate bills of materials, net designs, and assembly instructions to reduce manual tasks. Integrate design with manufacturing via direct machine driver interfaces.

Interactive Sales Tools:

Implement parametric tools on desktop or web platforms for standardised engineered-to-order (ETO) orders and quotations, reducing processing time.

Customised product configurations:

Elevate customer engagement with interactive tools for personalised product configurations and an enriched buying experience.

Visual Sales Presentations:

Offer interactive 3D views and specifications for instant product visualisations. Provide real-time sales presentations with interactive features to explore product configurations.

Automation of Order Processes:

Implement systems integrating with manufacturing processes for seamless order placement to production transition, ensuring accurate and timely order delivery.

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Real Solutions

Successful Projects
From Our Clients

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Customer-facing and internal design system for tailored casing products.

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Automated design system for engineered spline gauges and master gears.

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Integrated system for design and manufacturing of carpentry products.

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Automated masonry part design system for use within AutoCAD software.

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Transform your projects with tailored construction software today

Bespoke CAD software serves as your project management solution. With customised construction software tailored to meet the challenges of engineering calculations and complex technical requirements. Contact us to explore how to optimise every stage from design through construction to the final project