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Draft it
Free CAD Downloads

The FREE CAD Download contains all 4 versions of Draft it. The FREE version can be kept and used indefinitely whilst the 3 enhanced versions can be used completely free of charge for the first 15 days after installation.

*Windows only (32-bit and 64-bit). Not MAC compatible Both downloads contain the FREE and TRIAL versions in a single installation

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Why Choose Draft It CAD Software?

Affordability: Draft It offers an incredibly cost-effective solution for CAD design. Whether you're a freelancer or professional, the Draft It suite allows you to explore its capabilities on a friendly budget.

Ease of Use: Draft It prioritises an intuitive interface, free from complex menus or confusing commands. It provides straightforward tools, ensuring a seamless experience in expressing your ideas.

Lifetime License: Say goodbye to recurring subscription fees! With Draft It, you make a one-time purchase for a lifetime license.

Advanced Features: The Draft It's Pro and Architectural versions come packed with features, comparable to leading design packages. Whether it's layer management, PDF export, or specialised architectural tools.

Learning Resources: Need guidance? Draft It provides access to tutorials and help files online. Whether you’re troubleshooting or seeking inspiration, you’ll find valuable resources at your fingertips.