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Bespoke Carpentry Design Software

Growing pains: As companies grow and product lines scale, there is often a call to digitise and streamline operations. This case study explores the success of a London-based luxury wood retailer, who we’ll call LuxWood (a pseudonym used at the request of the company). Prioritising design innovation and quality, the company requested a tailored CAD software solution from Cadlogic to address its challenges in terms of shortening the design process, reducing errors, and increasing capacity of the design team. Upon contracting Cadlogic’s bespoke CAD software services, we were able to understand and cater to their specific requirements with a bespoke software development. Read below to see the process and outcomes of this project.


LuxWood is a premier London-based retailer of luxury wooden products for both residential and commercial applications. The company prioritises innovative design, superior quality, and impeccable service to improve its operations.

With a focus on CAD design software and bespoke software development, the company sought to enhance its capabilities. Cadlogic intervened to meticulously manage the entire lifecycle of the client's work process, from conceptualisation to crafting and installation. The new integration ensured optimal alignment across every production stage, guaranteeing a successful experience for its users.

Established over fourteen years prior, Luxwood had expanded to include a dedicated department overseeing its operations comprising designers, carpenters, and fitters. These teams functioned independently, utilising an AutoCAD design system base and 2d drawings as their primary tools. However, they began seeking AutoCAD alternatives as the off-the-shelf system did not provide the right tools to easily draft their prototypes, and therefore stumped their ability to make innovative designs.

As the demand for more innovative and imaginative designs increased, Luxwood encountered further challenges due to the rigidity of its current cad system. The lack of flexibility hindered the design process and impeded alignment between separate departments. Seeking a solution, Luxwood turned to Cadlogic, which offers CAD design and bespoke software solutions tailored to meet the specific needs and requirements of the company.

The Software Requirement

Luxwood required a software design solution to streamline the creation of design and manufacturing drawings while maintaining flexibility to accommodate diverse design variants for each bespoke installation. Additionally, they highlighted the need for the software to enhance customisation capabilities in order to tailor design to their customers’ specific needs.

At the same time, the company wanted to preserve the communicativeness and usability of designs across departments, avoiding overly complex drawing systems. Moreover, they didn’t want to sacrifice efficiency or ease-of-use; instead, they sought to enhance team productivity through the tailored CAD software.

Tailored Software Requirements:

  • Accelerate the 2D drawing creation process by incorporating 3D modelling capabilities,
  • Automate the generation of cutting data information,
  • Minimise the need for data re-input to reduce errors,
  • Incorporate customised design features to meet specific needs,
  • Enhance system flexibility and customisation options.

Bespoke Software Solution 

Cadlogic proposed a bespoke CAD software built upon Cadlogic’s own design engine as an AutoCAD alternative, aiming to streamline and automate the complexities inherent in the design process. The software, loaded with Luxwood’s own branding, would become the Intellectual Property of Luxwood itself so that it could be used across a growing design team without expensive usage licences.
Following comprehensive business analysis and workshops to understand Luxwood workflow across design, carpentry, and fitting departments, the Cadlogic team understood the lifecycle of the company's designs and identified the essential functionalities required in a design tool. Based on these thorough and deeply analysed observations, the concept for the current system was developed.

The key features of the Luxwood Bespoke CAD software system: 

  • Space Definition: Ability to define the space within which an item will be installed, including more complex spaces such as passing around corners, columns and wall spaces.
  • Easy Specification: Specify item types and layouts effortlessly, enhancing design precision.
  • Automated Generation: Generate all necessary parts and components for construction seamlessly with our CAD software.
  • User Friendly System: Effortlessly incorporating internal objects into designed items is made possible with our user-friendly, single-click interface
  • Tailored Features: Tools for the automatic creation and layout of content, for example, bespoke sized timbers tailored to internal sections.
  • Dimension Automation: Automatic generation of dimensions for construction drawing, enhancing productivity in the carpentry department.
  • Product Database: Access a vast database of domain-specific products, including timbers, lacquers, vinyls, and glass types.
  • Integrated Layout Rules: Implement precise layout rules, automate adjustments for design faults, and allow designers to focus on creating the projects' aesthetic.
  • From 2D to 3D Views: Designing in 2d plan, 2d elevation, or high-quality 3D within a single model, with the ability to add/modify/remove components in any view.
  • Quality Animation: Ensure visual quality with animation of moving components and Detect clashes
  • Personalised Processes: Export cutting lists in the company’s specific format, streamlining downstream processes.
  • Automated Error-Checking: Detection of editable distance tolerances and clash warnings is provided via a subtle warning system interface, aiding users as experienced designers in maintaining control and making informed decisions.

Development and Testing of CAD Bespoke Software 

Throughout the development process of the bespoke software system by Cadlogic, Luxwood was informed about the progress at every stage. The Cadlogic team ensured that relevant stakeholders from the company were actively engaged at crucial project junctures through virtual demonstrations and workshops. These sessions showcased evolving core functionalities and welcomed valuable input from the customer. 

The Client’s  Review: 

“The system has allowed us to eliminate all of the human error inherent in manually inputting details into a cutting list. Consequently, we have been able to deal with the increase in sales this year without overburdening the design staff or meeting any staff shortages. We’re already looking forward to version 2!”

Luxwood director 

Utilising agile development methodologies, Cadlogic empowered the team to maintain agility and responsiveness. This open-source system approach facilitated adjustments and pivots when needed, ensuring alignment with the company's specific requirements. Ultimately, this collaborative and iterative approach led to a successful and impactful bespoke software solution tailored to Luxwood's unique context and needs.