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Draft it Help System

The complete Help system for Draft it is available on these pages.

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Wall Settings

Available in: Architectural

Use this command Walls button to set/adjust various Architectural settings. When selected the following dialog box is displayed.

Walls settings dialog

The dialog box has five tab pages. Each page contains identical wall hatch/fill settings for each wall material type. These settings are:-


Select from - None, Single, Double, Cross, Solid fill. The selection here affects which of the other parameters are available.


The pitch (spacing) between the hatch lines.


The spacing between the two hatch lines for double hatch type.


The colour of the hatch lines or fill colour.


The angle of the hatch lines.

Style 1

The Style of the 1st hatch line.

Style 2

The Style of the 2nd hatch line (if type double).

Align Hatch With Walls

The angle of all wall hatching is aligned to the individual wall is switched on. Otherwise the angle of all wall hatching is relative to the drawing and not wall specific.