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Draft it Help System

The complete Help system for Draft it is available on these pages.

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Tutorial 1 Part 2

Available in: FREE, Plus, PRO & Architectural

Now we can start drawing. Select the circle button Circle button

The prompt reads:

Give Centre Point:

First we will draw the 110mm outer circle. Click a position approximately a quarter of the way across the sheet from the left and about half way up (as below). The prompt reads:

Give Radius Point:

Click on the XY input mode button X, Y button so that we can position the radius point a fixed distance away from the centre. Now as you move the cursor you will see dynamic linear dimensions in the X & Y axis. Place the cursor so that the X dimension reads 55.00 and Y is zero. (The Y dimension will disappear when the value is zero). Click to accept and the first circle is drawn.

first circle