Draft it Help


To add a staircase click on the staircase button Staircase button, this will open the dialog box shown below.

Check the setting match those shown and click on 'OK'.

staircase settings dialog box

The staircase will be placed in the Hallway. You will notice that the Ribbon has changed to display a Command Specific Ribbon for inserting a staircase. The following picture shows the points used to place the staircase.


staircase position

Change the justification the 'Right' then click to the end point P1, this is the top point for the landing.

Move the cursor down and snap to the 'End' point at P2 to define the rotation. The staircase is complete.

To add the direction arrow select the arrow button Leader Arrow button. Click on the 'Mid' point at P3 then hold down the shift key key and move the cursor down and click at approximately the position of P4.

Now select the Text button text button.

In the Text dialog box enter 'UP' as the text string, then click 'OK'. Now click the text into place just below the end of the arrow.