Draft it Help

Available in: FREE, Plus, Pro Architectural


The main ribbon can be switched on/off as required. When of this is set to off it obviously allows more of the screen area to be  available for displaying the drawing.

Ribbon Expanded       ribbon minimised


If minimised only the ribbon titles are displayed, you can select a command from any of the sub-ribbons by simply clicking on the title, then the ribbon is then temporarily displayed until a command is picked.


There are 3 ways to turn the ribbon display on/off.

1/ Double click on any of the ribbon 'tab' names (e.g. home, symbols etc)

2/ CTRL+F1 (hold down the keyboard Ctrl key amd press the F1 key)

3/ Right click the 'customise quck access toolbar' button customise quick access toolbar button and select  'minimise the ribbon' .