Draft it Help


Use Zoom Window zoom window button to close in on the area shown in the picture. Now use Rectangle rectangle button to create 3 more rectangle as follows.

1)  Go Relative to P1 by 9.0 in 'X' and 1.0 in 'Y'. Size is 36 wide and 10 high

2)  Go Relative to P2 by 6.0 in 'X' and -50.0 in 'Y'. Size is 57 wide and 14 high

3)  Go Relative to P3 by 5.0 in 'X' and 2.0 in 'Y'. Size is 47 wide and 10 high

main rectangle points



first button

Select Zoom Extents zoom extents button and use the Rectangle rectangle button command to start drawing the bottom left hand button as follows.


Go Relative to P4 by 4.5 in 'X' and 9 in 'Y'. Size is 10 wide and 8 high

Select Zoom Extents zoom extents button once more.