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Draft it Help System

The complete Help system for Draft it is available on these pages.

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T2 Part 1

Available in: FREE, Plus, PRO & Architectural

Start Draft it and click on page button Page button .

page settings dialog box

We require an 'A4', 'Landscape' sheet with a scale of '1:25'. Match the settings to the left and click 'OK' to confirm and exit the dialog box. Click on 'Yes' when prompted to adjust changes to text/Dimensions.

Now make sure that the grid is switched OFF, use the grid button Grid toggle button if required.

Now click on the units button Units command and select 'OK' when the settings match those to the left, ensuring that the 'Linear' 'Display Precision' is set to '1' and the 'Linear' 'Cursor Increment' is set to '10'.

unit settings dialog box

Switch on the 'Sheet Border' by selecting the display settings button Display option. In the dialog make sure that 'Sheet Border' is switched ON below.

display settings dialog box