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Force Angle

Available in: FREE, Plus, Pro, Architectural

In a number of drawing functions it is possible to hold down the shift key key to force the cursor to snap to the nearest 45° (where zero degrees is at 3 o'clock). In a command where a first point has been set such as when drawing a line, simply hold down the shift key key and the dynamic line snaps between 45° increments. This key can be used regardless of the current input option input mode buttons (Snap, X, Y, Polar ). Although typically you would use this when you don't need to enter an exact length. If you need to enter an exact length in conjunction with an orthogonal direction then use the Angle Lock feature. This option is particularly useful when orthogonal drawing is required i.e 0° & 90° angles can be easily achieved.


1) This function is overridden when Snap snap mode button is set and the cursor passes over an available snap point. The cursor will jump from the forced angle to the snap point, similarly as soon as the cursor moves away from the snap point it will jump back to the forced angle.

2) This function does not work when the grid snap button Grid is ON.

3) This function does not work in conjunction with Relative.