Draft it Help

Available in: FREE, Plus, Pro Architectural

On some commands (Offset, Fillet, Chamfer, Trim/Extend) an additional input option 'Distance' is available as shown here distance input box and button. If displayed then Draft it only requires a distance to be input and an updating dynamic dimension is displayed, moving with the cursor. Click to accept the current value.

Alternatively you can type in the value. Click in the input field and you can edit the value as required (double click in the field to select the whole current value which can then be deleted or over typed). As soon as you type in the field Draft it will lock lock button the field and the dynamic dimension will be locked. You must click the button to unlock unlock button if you wish release the value. To accept the value click the mouse when the cursor is within the drawing area. The value is unlocked automatically as soon as the point is accepted.

It is possible to switch between the 'Distance' distance button and Snap snap mode button input options as required (Shortcut keys f8 key & f7 key respectively). Draft it remembers the last used setting.