Draft it Help

Available in: FREE, Plus, Pro Architectural

The 'Mid' keyboard snap allows a quick and easy way select the 'Mid' point of an existing entity (middle of a line or centre of an arc/circle/ellipse).

To use this feature simply position the cursor over an entity and hit the m key  key. If the entity is a line Draft it will display the mid point snap symbol snap symbol at the midpoint. If the entity is an arc, circle or ellipse Draft it will display the centre point snap symbol snap symbol at the centre. If a dynamic line was previously attached to the cursor this also attaches to this point. If you are happy with the point selected click anywhere in the drawing area to accept.

Alternatively you can hit the r key key to define a position Relative to this point, or hit x key or y key to select the X or Y values of this point.

Use any of the following keyboard snaps (End, Mid, Perp and Tan) to cancel the point selection if the cursor is in 'free space'  or select another point if it is over an entity.

Use of these keyboard snaps also automatically switches to the Snap snap mode button input mode.