Draft it Help

Available in: Architectural Only

Double click on a window and the windows dialog box appears allowing modification to any of the settings. Once the changes are complete click OK and the  window will be updated.

Alternatively single click on a window and its entity handle is displayed. The editing choices are to either Delete it, modify the properties using the Properties Explorer or the Ribbon, or to move it by its entity handle.

Move the cursor over the handle and its colour changes to yellow then simply click to select it. The window can be moved to any position along that wall where it can fit i.e it cannot be placed on top of other windows/doors/openings in the wall.  Use the dynamic dimensions to assist in accurate repositioning and click to accept the new position. Alternatively Arrow Key Input can be used to move it a specific distance. A window cannot be moved to another wall.

Modifying or Moving a Window

Go to Modifying/Moving a Wall to see how the position of a window is affected by a change to the wall length.