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Tutorial 2 Part 10

Available in: FREE, Plus, PRO & Architectural

Now to add the sink which is positioned directly under the window on the upper wall. Use Zoom Window zoom window button to close in on the area of the drawing shown below.

sink layout

Select the Rectangle button rectangle button and go Relative to P1, type ' 0' and enter key for the X value, then '-50' and enter key for Y. This is the 1st rectangle corner. Now go Relative to P2,  type ' 0' and enter key for the X value, then '50' and enter key for Y, this is the 2nd corner.

Select the Rectangle again and go Relative to P3,  type '25' and enter key then '25' and enter key for the first corner, then '375' enter key and '400' enter key for the second corner.

Repeat this method to create the next two rectangles. The following describes the points and values you need.

Relative to P4,  80 in X and 0 in Y then 375 in X and 400 in Y.

Relative to P5,  25 in X and 20 in Y then 350 in X and  350  in Y.

We will now create 6 lines parallel to 'Line 1' to represent the draining board of the sink unit.

Select Offset offset button, click on 'Line 1' and type 50 into the Distance Input field and click to accept.

Repeat this procedure 5 more times but each time click on the offset created last time, the offset distance is now preset to 50 (until unlocked) so you can just click anywhere to accept.

Select the Circle command circle button to create the plug hole. Go Relative to P4, type '-187.50' and enter key and '200' for the centre point. For the radius point press any of the arrow keys and type 20 then enter key. Repeat this relative to P5 for the other plug hole.

tap and sink detail

Select the Fillet command fillet button, click on 'Line 2 & 3' and type in 50 and press enter key. Repeat this for other sink corners so that the sink unit is as shown here. Now use Zoom Window zoom window button to close in on the area defined by points 'P6 & P7'.

Now as described earlier in the topic create another Rectangle rectangle button as follows.

Relative to P8,  420 in X and -20 in Y then 40 in X and -220 in Y.

Select Line line button and pick the 'End' point at P9 for the start position. Press left arrow key type '120' enter key, press down arrow key type '40'enter key , make sure Snap (f7 key) is set, now move across to the right and select the 'Perpendicular' point near to P10.

Select Line line button pick the 'End' point at P11 for the start position. Press right arrow key type '120' enter key , press down arrow key type '40'enter key move across to the left and select the 'Perpendicular' point near to P12.

The sink unit is now complete.

finished sink

Any questions?

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