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Available in: Pro, Architectural

Use the Export command to export drawings from Draft it into other formats.

Export buttons

From the flyout menu select the export format required. In the dialog box specify the file name and location, you can change the output format in the 'save as type' field if required.Click on the 'Save' button. The supported formats are:-




Adobe PDF **

Windows Metafile WMF

Windows Bitmap


CompuServe Bitmap GIF

The following export option is Available in: Architectural Only

This file format creates a 3D DXF model from the drawing. This file can then be read into 3D CAD systems that supporting that format.

** If the the PDF file type selected then the following dialog box is displayed after specifying the file name.

Click on the 'Use PDF Security' option to allow the various PDF output options to be selected.

Export pdf security

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