Draft it Help

Available in: Architectural & PRO Only

The Build Symbol command Build Symbol buttonis not available until some entities (lines, arcs and polylines) are selected i.e. a selection set. The command creates a Symbol within the current drawing from the selection set

Select 'Build Symbol' from the Draw drop down menu and the command prompts:

Give Insertion Point:

Select the insertion point of the new symbol using any of the snaps and input options. This is the point by which the symbol will be attached to the cursor when it is inserted onto a drawing. Once selected the program prompts for symbol name via the following dialog box.

Build Symbol enter name

Type in the new symbol name and click OK. Alternatively you can redefine an existing symbol by selecting it from the drop down list and the system will prompt to confirm that you wish to overwrite the existing version.

For more help on symbols see Create a Symbol, Insertion Origin and Modifying/Moving a Symbol.