Draft it Help

Available in: FREE, Plus, Pro Architectural


This searches the entire drawing for specific text strings. When the search produces a match an automatic zoom fills the window with the matching text string. If there are more than one Find Next button steps the next occurrence.

Select the 'Find & Replace Text' button Find & Replace button and the following text entry window appears.

Replace text window

There are two tab pages within the Find & Replace text command dialog box. The 'Replace' Tab is shown below.

Text to Relace:

Enter the text string to search for

Replace Text With:

Enter the replacement text

Search on Layer:

Search on a specific layer, the current layer, or ALL layers

Search on Level:

Search on a specific level or ALL levels

Match Case

Option to Match only exact case matches

Match Whole Text

Only match entire string matches, exact matches that are part of a string are ignored

Find Next

Move to next match


Replace the current match with the replacement text

Replace all

Replace all matches within the drawing with the replacement text

When The 'Find tab is selected the display of the box changes as shown below. The features are as described above.

Find text window