V4 Features

Remember, you can trial Draft it V4 for 15 days absolutely free. If you are already a Draft it user version 4 can be installed to run alongside your current Draft it version without risk. Download it now and see the power of V4 for yourself.


Wall Break Types for:-

  • Doors

  • Windows

  • Openings (3 cavity wall & 2 solid wall break types)

Wall break types example image

Doors - Numerous additional user settings for:-

  • Jamb Offset

  • Inner Sill and Outer Sills

  • Opening angle

  • Double doors - 1st door width & 2nd door angle

  • Additional types (single - double swing, double - double swing, single bi-fold, double bi-fold)

Un-equal double door example image


  • Jamb Offset

  • Inner and Outer Sills

  • Options for Bay side width and angle

Window in plan example image

More Architectural Settings

  • Solid fill walls option

  • Colour option for all wall hatch types

  • Align hatch with walls option for all wall types

Draft it architectural settings example image

3D Preview

  • Huge Speed & Detail improvements

  • Instant update

  • Rendering option (solid, textured, wireframe, transparent)

  • Reset view

  • Easier mouse control and navigation

  • Orthographic View toggle

Draft it 3d preview example image


  • New Roof Types

  • Barn Hip

  • Lean to Corner Hip

  • Lean to Gable

Draft it roof dialog box example image

Elevation Hatch

  • Faster and Improved

Draft it elevation hatching example image

Settable offset value for Wall Foundations

Draft it wall settings dialog box example image



  • Print/Export Line thickness

  • Create your own Pen sets for display & printing

  • Mono print option

Draft it pen settings example image


  • Select and edit multiple layers at a time

  • Purge unused Layers

  • Layer Aliases, create alternate layer names

  • Group Layer together

  • Layer Search function

Draft it layer settings example image

Attribute types

  • normal

  • constant

  • preset

Draft it edit attributes example image

Multiple Dimension Styles

  • Create and save your Styles to control the appearance of dimensions

Draft it dimension styles example image

More Draft It CAD Software Features

  • Filled Polyline – Create Polylines with automatic colour fill

  • Angle lock button – Easily lock the input angle to 45 increments

  • Create Blend Arcs between Arcs and Arcs/Lines

  • Display –

    • Mouse zoom wheel scale factor

    • More background colour options

    • More skins

  • Add Multiple Insertion Points to symbols

  • Solid Fill areas including ‘islands’

  • Easily Hatch/Fill Circles

  • Additional Construction Lines –

    • Tangent to Arc

    • Single offset

    • Repeated offset

    • Incremental offset

  • Add Hyperlinks to drawing entities. Add web and document links to any entity including symbols

  • Select all entities on a Layer with a single click

  • Select all entities with a specific colour with a single click

  • Select all entities with a specific style with a single click

  • Select all drawing hyperlinks

  • Now insert PDF files as images on your drawings

  • Automatic location of Apparent Intersections

  • Rectangular Array – New Fit all option

  • Polar Array – New Fit all option

  • New Linear Array feature

  • Break Dimension Leader lines. Easily break dimension leaders at any point

  • Search the entire drawing for text with the new Find/Replace Text feature, this also includes a custom dictionary

  • External copy – Copy parts of a drawing ready to paste into other applications. – faster

  • Printer Settings combined with Print Options for easier control of your printed output

  • Speed Increase – significant speed advancements when editing larger drawings and imported drawings

  • Drawing import manager – manage the size and position of DWG and DXF files

Find out about more basic Draft it functionality available in all versions.

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