Here are just a few of the many positive comments we have received from Draft it users.

Draft it Free

Lawrence Gill, UK
"I downloaded your Draft it Free several weeks ago. I think it's great!" John Wong, Australia
"I found that your program, among others that I tried, is the easiest to use and has all the attributes that I presently need."

Draft it Plus

Phil Horrocks, Burnley, Lancs, UK
"I have had Draft it Plus for quite some time now, and I have found it the easiest of programs. I have had others. Draft it Plus has solved all my drafting problems in a comprehensive, quick and easy way. I am thoroughly pleased with it, and I would certainly recommend it."

Ian Purvis, UK
"I have used Draft it Plus for several months and I am very happy with the results."

Keith Allen, UK
"I am using Draft it Plus which is excellent value."

Kelvin Hughes, UK
"I purchased a single user licence for Draft it Plus in June 2008. I found the product to be excellent and extremely useful."

Peter Cross, Australia
"I am a part-time woodworker so use the Draft-it CAD software for drawing up my projects. Sometimes these projects can be a bit complicated that's why I upgraded to the PLUS version. It has all the flexibility and functionality I need."

Draft it Pro

Peter Ludwig, South Africa
"Excellent package, easy to use, friendly etc. etc...Love using it."

Brad Daws, Arpac Storage Systems, Canada
"What a great program Draft it Pro is! Perfect for what I do. It is somewhat of a sales tool for me, allowing me provide customers with a drawing of what I am trying to sell them, very fast. I know for sure, it has helped me to make many sales, that otherwise would have been very difficult to close."

Dan Sather, Daken Enterprises Ltd, Canada
"I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with your product Draft it Pro. It is so EASY to use. I am a layman draft person. In other words, I am learning in my small company as I go. Your product makes my drafting and design work a snap!! I have tried other CAD programs but found them difficult and time consuming, Draft it Pro easy and amazing!! Thank you for a fantastic product."

Dale Kozich, Lakeland, FL USA
"I love your product, the free version is excellent and easy to use. I taught myself how to use the Draft it (Free)  program in 2 days and since, I have purchased the Draft it Pro version. The added functions of the Draft it Pro version saved more than the  Draft it Pro program cost! Just what set me off on finding a CAD program follows: I had a need to design a simple project for a Machine Shop, they wanted the cost of  Draft it Pro for each drawing or redo of the drawing. That just, well, did not sit well with me! When designing a prototype, changes are a given until the final product design is agreed on. I did the first week in Draft it (free), I now wish I had just bought  Draft it Pro right away, would have saved at least 3 days, just the Length and Trim command saved more than the program cost."

Aaron Shanks, USA
"First let me say i am VERY impressed with your products. I have recently upgraded my Draft it free edition with Draft it Pro  and I am fully satisfied."

Bob Ring, USA
"I am sure I have not tapped into all the cool features of your product but I like the fact that it took minimal time to get started to do what I needed to do."

Draft it Architectural

Barry Rushmer, UK
"I would like to say what a brilliant little program this is, with a little imagination there are no limits to what can be produced and it is so simple to use. I would recommend Draft it Architectural to anybody looking for dependable and easy to use 2D CAD software."

M. Watson, USA
"I did a quick search and found a page that listed a number of programs; yours was one and I tried the Free version and the rest is history. I really like the design of your program. I pushed myself to read, study and understand your documentation before attempting to build my drawings. Good instructions. Time well spent."

Mike Gresty, Anglo Europe Building Ltd, UK. Web
"My company and myself would be lost without your product, it has enabled me reduce the operations of Anglo Europe Building and resurrect our self build planning side, your product is superb."

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