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Cadlogic are specialist developers of an industry-leading low cost CAD software and Building design software. Our architectural CAD software offers 3D visualisation and professional architectural features for drafting and detailing. Here is a list of our current products. If you cannot find the ideal application for you, why not consider a Bespoke CAD Software system designed specifically for your needs. A Bespoke system can be as simple as a small addition or change to a standard program or it can be a fully customised system written from scratch to meet your exact requirements.

Draft it Systems

Draft it is a Powerful and easy to use 2D CAD Software package. There are four versions of the Draft it system. There is a completely free version which can be used indefinitely, it does not require any activation or registration and there are no annoying advertisements. The three other versions are available as low cost upgrades from the Free version. Each version of the software includes all of the features of the lower cost versions.

For a small additional fee, the Plus version contains numerous enhancements and additional features for better presentation, you can create your own drawing templates and control line thickness. There are more input options including the use of keyboard arrow keys to define orthogonal direction for distance entry, independent XY snapping, direct co-ordinate entry and command line calculation capability. Also included are more drawing and editing tools such as Polyline, Curve Fit, Ellipse, Polygon and Hatching. On top of this there is a range of CAD functionality only available in systems costing much more, create your own symbols, Stretch, Break and Explode.

In addition to all of the above the Pro version has even more professional standard CAD features. Import and Export DWG and DXF files, Multi-lines (parallel line styles), Hatch Patterns, Construction lines, more offset commands, advanced symbol control features, additional dimension types, text handling options, more drawing interrogation/searching functions and powerful selection methods.

All of the above functions are also on hand for Architectural version users where powerful Architectural functions include Walls, Doors, Windows, Openings, Automatic Elevation Creation, a comprehensive Architectural Symbols library and a real time 3D view showing your building plan.

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Draft it Systems

Powerful, easy to use 2D CAD Software packages. There is a completely free version as well as upgrades with even more features and functions.

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AEC Easy Block

A library of parametric Architectural blocks that can export 2D or 3D DWG, DXF or DFT files for insertion into any CAD system, including Draft it.

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Product Support

Browse through our comprehensive support pages including micro lessons, video support, product help pages, downloads and product upgrades.

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