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The Best Low Cost CAD Software Package for £20.

Whether you’ve tried our free software and wish to upgrade, or you want to go straight in and experience all the extra features that come at a very small cost, Draft it Plus is the perfect ‘Best of Both Worlds’ software. You can now create your own templates, use additional drawing aids and lots of other features. We genuinely believe that Draft it Plus is the best value CAD software you can buy, but don’t trust us. Try it yourself for a one-off payment of £20 and use the link below to download today!

Draft it Plus V4 is a feature packed version of our completely FREE Draft it CAD Download. It is a powerful and easy-to-use low cost 2D CAD Software. For a small cost, the Plus version comes with extended tools, input features and modification tools and options for drawing/printing.

Why Upgrade to Draft it Plus?

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Low Cost Lifetime Upgrade

A low cost, one of fee cad software upgrade to grab these new features and more.

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Additional Input Options

Use arrow keys to specify distance and directions, making using Draft it even easier.

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Create Your Own Templates

Create templates to speed up your work and use features such as customisable line thickness and datum dimensioning.

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Extending Drawing Tools

Including pens with multiple thickness settings; break, explode and stretch tools and extended copy and paste options.

Find out about more basic Draft it functionality available in all versions.

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Draft it Plus CAD Software Features

Draft it Plus contains all of the features of the FREE version and much more...

  • Pens - print/export line thickness, pen sets for display & printing, mono print option
  • Select All of Type - function to quickly select all entities matching a specific colour/layer/style
  • Arrow Key Input - easily specify distance and direction using the keyboard arrow keys
  • Additional Modification Tools - break, explode, stretch
  • Additional Drawing Aids - direct input, X & Y snap filters, entity info, measure
  • Templates - create your own template drawings

Draft it Plus - CAD Software in Detail

The NEW VERSION of Draft it PLUS is a low cost cad software upgrade from the FREE version of Draft it.

Now you can upgrade your FREE Draft it system to Draft it PLUS for just £20*.

The new Draft it Plus Version 4 is faster and more powerful than previous versions whilst retaining its acclaimed ease of use.

It is Low Cost 2D CAD software that is suitable for all users, in the office or at home.

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Draft it Plus CAD Software

Download Draft it Plus and try it FREE for 15 days.

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Draft it Plus

15 Day Trial


Purchase Draft it Plus today for only £20 (GBP).

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Draft it Plus

Only £20

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