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Draft it Architectural V5 is a powerful, low cost, Architecture Design Software for building planning. Used around the world by:

  • Architects

  • Designers

  • Builders

  • Estate Agents

  • Professionals

The software features many time saving drafting tools for creating features such as doors, openings, windows, walls and roofs.

Upgrade to Draft it V5 - Architectural and take your architectural design to the next level!

Draft it Architectural V5 Feature Previews

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Why Upgrade to Draft it Architectural V5?

With a low, one-off upgrade cost of £75, Draft it Architectural V5 includes a range of new features and powerful improvements.

Here are some of the new features we're excited to announce for our Architectural-level users:

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Elevation Associative Command that includes Symbols

The most requested feature by users. This tool includes symbols in a single elevation, cutting the time to create rich elevations to just seconds…
A game-changer when working with complex drawings.

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Roofing Tools with Integrated Plane Solver

This brand-new tool automates complex roof calculations and applies detailed roof objects (using multiple options) to your drawing, saving hours of manual work…
A must-have for designers who need quick and easy roof designs.

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Build Walls from Polyline Command

This new feature gives users the ability to build walls using a polyline command, allowing a more efficient way to create walls.

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Hot key to Flip Window / Door / Opening Justification (J) in Walls

This new hot key provides a quick and easy way to flip the justification of windows, doors, and openings in walls.

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Integrated 3D Symbol Library into Standard Software (EasyBlock / 1000+ Symbols)

This new feature includes an integrated 3D symbol library with over 1000 parametric symbols that can be used to enhance architectural designs. Including electrical, furniture, heating, kitchen fittings, landscape and plumbing components, and more.

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New Door / Window Styles

This new feature includes new wall types, such as block and timber frame and brick and timber frame, which can provide greater flexibility and options for designers.

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Simple Walls

This new feature provides an easy way to create walls simply and efficiently. With Draft it Architectural V5, walls have never been easier to put up!

Save time and boost the scale of your architectural drafting capabilities. With Draft It Architectural V5, you can take your architectural design to the next level.

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New Features

Paper Space / Model Space

Create viewports in layouts with different paper size and scale settings to the original drawing.

layout viewports are to be considered as a view window on your drawing in model space.

Any changes made in model space will be reflected in all of the viewports.

customise toolbar

Customisable Toolbars

customise toolbar

Create your own toolbars containing your favourite commands.

You can switch them on/off as required to suit the type of drawing you are doing.

Hot keys

Assign commands to keystrokes for even faster drawing for example assign the Move command to the 'M' key.

Once done simply pressing the M key starts the move command.

No need to click a button or change to another command ribbon.

hot keys

External reference editor (DWG/DXF)

You can now preview the import and change various properties and settings to control what is imported.

You can zoom, measure distances, set the insertion origin and scale, explode entities and turn layers on and off.

You can even change the entire drawing contents to a single colour.

external reference editor

Datum Chain Dimensions

chain dimensions

Quickly add aligned sequential datum dimensions.

Simply select the first point and position the dimension, then click subsequent points and datum dimensions are added and placed in line with the first one.


Create your own parallel multiple line styles. A Multi line is drawn with a single command in the same way that a Polyline is drawn. However a Multi line style is pre-defined (spacing, colour, thickness) set of the parallel lines.

multi lines

Control Points

These are special points that you can add to a symbol so that it can be manipulated (rotated & scaled) in specific ways once it have been inserted. So for example a symbol where the rotation can be altered around a predefined point or its scale changed in X or Y or both axis.

control points

Text Table

Easily create text tables with control of the number of columns, rows, headers etc. You control the full appearance of tables and can edit them in the intuitive table interface. You can even paste tabular data to and from other compatible applications such as Spreadsheets (Microsoft Excel) and document tables (Microsoft Word).


Paste Special Functions

paste functions

Six new paste commands controlling what happens to pasted entities. For example placing on the current layer and paste and explode.

Match Properties

A selection of new editing tools which use the properties of existing entities to change settings or apply them to other entities.

match properties

Copy Settings From Another Drawing

copy settings

Rather than re-define certain settings in drawing you can copy them from a drawing you have done previously. Simply select the copy sections command which is on the end of the drawing settings sub-ribbon. Select the drawing to copy from and all of the settings are transferred into the current drawing.

Convert Polyline to Revision Cloud

You can convert any Polyline made of straight segments into a revision cloud. Select the polyline and choose the option via the middle mouse button.

convert to revision cloud

Context Menu For Entity Selection

context selector

When multiple items are found in a single click a context menu displays the entities in a list allowing easy selection.

Quick Close Polyline

Automatically close an open polyline, this feature closes any gap (regardless of size) in a polyline with a single line segment. To access the feature select a polyline and press the middle mouse button, if there is a gap you will see the option to close the boundary.

quick close polyline
  • Make Layer Current.
    Change the current layer setting to the layer of the selected entity. No need to scroll through a list of layers in a dialog box.

  • Hide Layers.
    Quickly turn off layers you don't need to see by selecting an entity or entities on those layers. No need to scroll through a list of layers turning them off one by one.

  • Isolate Layers.
    Quickly turn off layers you don't need to see by selecting an entity or entities on just the layers you want to display. No need to scroll through a list of layers turning them off one by one.

  • Re-position attributes on inserted symbols.
    No need to explode the symbol to move an included attribute. Simply click on it and re-position.

  • Centreline.
    Create centrelines through arcs and circles with a few mouse clicks.

  • Quick Mirror.
    Quickly mirror selected entites by middle clicking the mouse button and selecting 'Quick Mirror' in the context menu.

Huge 3D symbol library

The 3D library has more than 600 symbols in many different categories.

Any of these symbols placed within the 2D drawing automatically appear in the 3D preview window.

3D Symbols

Window Types & Styles

simple walls image

Windows can have their type and style changed to many different predefined configurations.

While placing windows you can now toggle the justification by pressing the 'J' key.

Door Types & Styles

Doors can now have their type and style changed to many different predefined configurations.

While placing doors you can now toggle the justification by pressing the 'J' key.

simple walls image

Elevation Update

In previous versions of Draft it elevations did not include inserted 3D symbols.

Elevations now include any other items in the drawing, including inserted 3D symbols.

3D Symbols

Simple Walls

simple walls image

This new option changes the standard detailed (hatched) walls to show just a solid fill of the wall thickness.

Convert Polylines To Walls

Any drawn polylines can be converted to walls simply be selecting them and using the 'Build Walls' feature, this feature is available on middle mouse button click.

simple walls image

Easy Selection Window For 2D Symbols

simple walls image

Simply select the category icon in the panel and the contents of that library can be scrolled through for selection and placement on the drawing.

The previous category and symbol are remembered are for easy re-selection.

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More Architectural Details

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Architectural Gallery

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Add Detailed Roof Design
To Your Tool Belt

Draft It V5 Architectural includes new roof design capabilities using an integrated geometric roof solver, allowing for quick and easy plotting of an array of roof types:

  • Hipped

  • Gabled

  • Mono

  • Barn Hipped

  • Dutch Gable

  • Mansard

  • Gambrel

The roofing tool allows for the flexible inclusion of irregular roof shapes and automatically integrates with the rest of the design, taking the hassle out of complex roof drawings.

All New Features for
Draft it Architectural V5

The new version of Draft It Architectural is packed with new features to help you improve your workflows and giving you even more design capability at your fingertips. Just see below:

Architectural functionality

  • Brand New Elevation Associative Command that includes Symbols

  • Brand New Roofing Tools with Integrated Plane Solver

  • Build Walls from Polyline Command

  • Hot key to flip Window / Door / Opening Justification (J) in walls

  • Integrated 3D Symbol Library into Standard Software (EasyBlock / 1000+ Symbols)

  • New door / window styles

  • New Wall Types, Block & Timber Frame + Brick & Timber Frame

  • Simple Walls

Drawing functionality

  • Ability to blend, fillet or chamfer Polylines

  • Ability to re-position attributes on inserted symbols

  • Ability to use Drawing Properties in Attribute Values

  • Add centre lines to circles/arcs

  • Block Definition Editor

  • Close Polyline on Middle button click

  • Construction Line - Tangent to 2 Arcs/Circles

  • Control Points for Blocks

  • Convert Polyline to Revision Cloud

  • Create Rectangular Revision Cloud

  • Datum Chain dimension

  • Hide / Unhide Selected Layers

  • Isolate / Un-Isolate Selected Layers

  • Link / Embed External References with Editor

  • Match Properties

  • Multiline Command

  • Paper Space Layouts with Viewports

  • Quick Mirror

  • Table Entity

  • Centre Justified Rectangle

  • Rectangle command now creates a Polyline

  • Semi Transparent fill for Snaps / Grips

  • Snapping - Ability to change tolerance

  • Line Command - Added command line options

Interface improvements

  • New Ribbon with large icons

  • 6 x New Paste Special Commands

  • Close Button on active drawing tab

  • Context Menu for Entity Selection to choose item from many

  • Customisable Toolbars

  • Hot Keys

  • Option to show/hide frames around images on the screen

  • Option to Turn off Full Redraw on Undo / Redo for big drawings

  • Load settings from another drawing

  • Make Selected Layer Current

Draft it Architectural V5
The ultimate design tool for architects

We're excited to announce the new and improved Draft it Architectural V5. With a range of new features, this version is more powerful than ever before. Draft it Architectural V5 streamlines your tool set, allowing you to utilise your skills better, and elevates your drawings in seconds - effectively saving you hours of time per project.

Looking to design buildings with ease? Look no further than Draft it Architectural V5, the powerful, low-cost Architecture Design Software used by architects and designers worldwide. And with the launch of Draft it Architectural V5, it's now even better, offering a range of new features that make designing faster, more efficient and exciting for designers and architects alike.

Designed with designers in mind

Draft it Architectural V5 has been carefully crafted to ensure you can access the right mix of new features without having to relearn everything from scratch. You can seamlessly jump right back into your project, with the added bonus of having a comprehensive range of cutting-edge yet easy-to-use tools at your disposal. This update makes the Draft it interface even cleaner and easier to navigate, as well as provides greater customisation when working on a project.

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