How to Activate Draft it FREE

NOTE: You cannot activate the FREE version until the end of the trial period.

Start DRAFT IT using the icon on your Desktop or on the START menu. The following dialog box will appear.

With the FREE version selected click on the 'Yes' button, the DRAFT IT Activation box is displayed (shown below).



To activate the FREE DRAFT IT you will need an 'activation code'. To get your code fill in the form and click on 'Apply'  and the following message is displayed.



Cthankyoulick on 'OK' to close the message. The code will be automatically emailed to the email address supplied in the form.

The activation code is calculated from the 'Request code' which is shown in the box directly above it. The request code is unique to the current DRAFT IT installation, therefore the activation code cannot be used to unlock other DRAFT IT installations on other PC's.

It is possible that your activation email code will be blocked by spam/junk mail filters, please check this before contacting cadlogic.

To avoid typing errors we recommend that you select the Activation Code in the email and copy it (Ctrl-C) and then paste it (Ctrl-V) into the DRAFT IT Activation Code Box.


If the code entered is correct the following message will be displayed, click on 'OK' the close it. confirmactivation


wrongcodeIf an invalid code is entered the following message will be displayed.


Common reasons for the invalid code message are:-

1) The code has been misread or typed. Double check the code and re-enter. Especially check for misinterpretation of the letters 'O' & 'I' with and numbers '0' & '1'. We always recommend that you copy and paste the code as described above to avoid this.

2) You do not have high enough rights to unlock the program. This is easy to detect as the 'request code' changes each time the program starts. To resolve this start DRAFT IT by right-clicking on the icon and selecting 'run as administrator'. Apply for, and then enter the code as described above.