Draft it Help

Available in: FREE, Plus, Pro Architectural

Once created any Draft it entity can be modified by simply selecting it. The editing options are dependent upon the entity or entities selected. For help on selecting single or multiple entities click here.

Once selected the Ribbon changes to show the properties of the entity and these can be changed accordingly.

In general once an entity or entities are selected they are highlighted and the system displays the 'handles' for each entity. There are two types of handle, Major and Minor. Major handles are coloured red and control the position of an entity, Minor handles are blue and are slightly smaller than the Major handles. Minor handles change the size or stretch an entity.

For all entity types the 'Control' keyboard key can be used to copy the selection whilst moving.

The links below show how specific entity types are edited with handles.


 Modifying/Moving an Arc

 Modifying/Moving an Ellipse

 Modifying/Moving a Line

 Modifying/Moving a Polyline

 Modifying/Move a Polygon

 Modifying/Moving Text

 Modifying/Moving a Dimension

 Modifying/Moving an Area Fill

 Modifying/Moving Hatching

 Modifying/Moving an Image

 Modifying/Moving a Symbol

 Modifying/Moving Multiple Entities