How to Activate Draft it Plus

Start DRAFT IT, make sure the 'Plus' version is selected, then click on the 'Yes' button. You may purchase and activate DRAFT IT PLUS before the end of the trial period, you don't have to wait!

draft it plus splash screen

In the box that appears click on the 'Activate Software (Requires Order Ref & Email Address)' button. Note: If the trial period has yet to expire you can click on the 'Continue with DRAFT IT Trial' button. This option is removed if the trial period has ended.

draft it plus activate or continue choice

In the next box simply enter your email address (the one used when purchasing the software) and your order reference number and click on 'Activate'.

draft it plus automatic web activation

After a short delay the following will be displayed.

thank you for activating draft it plus

Click on 'OK' to close the message. Activation is now complete.

If you do not see this message then use the button below to for assistance.

Activation Problems