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Multi-Point Dimension

Available in: FREE, Plus, Pro and Architectural

The Multi-point Dimension command Multi Point Dimension button creates a series of Linear Dimensions joined end to end. However unlike the Chain Dimension command the points to be dimensioned are selected by a box.

Once selected the Ribbon changes to show the current dimension properties and the command prompt reads:

Give first point of box to select points:

Select the first corner point of the selection box using any of the snaps and input options. (Generally this would be a screen position). The prompt now reads:

Give second point of box to  select points:

As you move the cursor the a dynamic (dashed line) selection box is displayed. Select the second corner point of the box using any of the snaps and input options. (Generally this would be a screen position).  Place this other corner so that the box encompasses all of the points to be dimensioned. The prompt now reads:

Give Dimension Point (H)orizontal or (V)ertical:

The dimensions are created in either the horizontal or vertical plane. You can force which plane to us by pressing the H or V keys.

As you move the cursor a dynamic representation of the dimensions is attached to the cursor. Simply move to the desired position and click into place.

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