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Draft it - Upgrade your Draft it to the latest version

If you are already a Draft it PLUS, Draft it PRO or Draft it ARCHITECTURAL user and have not upgraded to the latest version (V4), then this is easy to do.

Just visit the Upgrade Centre to view the various options. Remember if you are a PLUS or PRO user you have the option to not only upgrade to the latest version but also to crossgrade to an even more powerful Draft it system.

The tables on the Upgrade Centre page show the various upgrade/crosssgrade prices. To purchase an upgrade or a crossgrade we need to know about your current licence in order to present you with the available options.

Underneath the tables you will see some input boxes, email address and order reference number. When you purchased your existing licence you entered your email address and were given a unique order reference number. These 2 items link you to that licence.

If you cannot remember your order reference number click on the 'Remind me?' link and enter your email address. We will email you any order reference numbers linked to that email address along with other relevant information.

Enter this information and press the 'submit' button. This will be checked against the user database. If there was a problem cross referencing the email address and order reference number supplied with the user database the page will update accordingly. There could be a number of reasons for this and you may still qualify for an upgrade. You may have incorrectly entered the order reference number, or the email address supplied is not the one stored with that order reference. It could be that you have changed your email address or that you used a different one when placing your original order.

If this happens use the 'Send further contact details...' link to send us an email containing more of your contact details which may help us to locate you in our database. You do not have to provide full contact details, just your name and/or part of your address (town/city).

Once you enter a valid order reference number and matching email address you be presented with the options available, each of these will have a 'Buy' link allowing that upgrade/crossgrade to be added to the cart.

Simply select the item you wish to buy.

The rest of the procedure exactly matches the process from step 2 on the Draft it payment page.