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The best 2D CAD software package, absolutely free

Draft It V4 is a powerful, easy to use 2D CAD Software package that is completely free to use. No restrictions means you're free to create, save and print your work with our unlimited free version. Start today and download by clicking the button below.

Download Draft It V4 Free

Why Draft It V4 ...

  • Easy to use

    Draft It has been specifically designed to be easy to use for all users, professional or hobbyists alike.
  • Create, print, save

    Create, print and save all work with no restriction and unlimited access; unlike other free Cad software.
  • Powerful drawing tools

    These will allow you to create accurate and professional level drawings for your project.
  • Metric and Imperial units

    Completely customise and set your own measurement units to suit your specification.

Draft It CAD Software in Detail

Draft It Version 4 is faster and more powerful than previous versions whilst retaining its acclaimed ease of use. It is a 2D CAD software for suitable for all users, in the office or at home. You can create, print and save your own drawings and designs.

Draft It V4 Free CAD Drafting Software - CADlogic

Draft It's easy to use snapping and co-ordinate input make drawing construction an almost effortless process. When drawing the system displays dynamic dimensions so you can visually check distances/sizes, or you can type in sizes directly. Alternatively you can snap to end points, mid points, intersections etc. where Draft It identifies the type of snap as the cursor passes over it.

Draft It CAD Software Features

  • Powerful drawing tools - Line, Arc, Circle, Rectangle, Offset, Rectangular, Polar & Linear Array.
  • Dynamic editing functions with visual handles and snaps
  • Support of various Metric and Imperial Units
  • Standard Metric, Imperial and Custom Sheet Sizes
  • Linear, Angular, Radial, Diameter and Arrow Dimension tools
  • Comprehensive Help system including tutorial exercises.

For a full list of features, see the Draft It CAD Software Feature Comparison page.

Draft It Free Cad Software

Start today and download your free version of Draft It.

Download Draft It V4 Free


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