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Some examples of Bespoke Architectural and Construction Software developed by CADlogic are shown below. These are just a few examples of the application areas we have been involved in.

Steel Floor Decking

AutoCAD based this program for the layout & schedule of floor decking components. From existing customer drawings the floor decking system can be laid out spanning steel beams, while the system checks the suitability of the floor deck type, & the requirement for propping or trimming. From the design a schedule of parts is produced including trimmers, strapping. etc., & converted into packs for shipping to site.

Modular Timber Frame Buildings

AutoCAD based for rapid automatic production of building plans & and studwork drawings. Wall drawing, door, window & steel column insertion commands create the basic building design quickly which can be automatically spilt into specific module sizes. From the existing plan, taking into account all openings, wall joints etc. the internal & external framing for each section is created in plan & elevation. A studwork schedule can also be extracted for manufacturing purposes.

Bridge Bearings Design

Estimating design & drawing production. At the estimating stage, the program analyses bridge loading data & proposes suitable bearings. A complete set of bridge bearing manufacturing drawings is automatically produced.

Masonry Support

Using paraCAD+ this software rapidly produces & schedules masonry support schemes. Using existing architectural designs & loading calculations, the masonry support designs can be imported into the system, & these are utilised by support layout commands to produce the masonry support scheme. From the basic layout, all supports, brackets, fasteners, etc can be scheduled & detailed for manufacture.

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